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The byconaut package contains scripts for data processing for and based on the bycon package. The main use cases are:

  • generation of utility collections for the standard Progenetix data model
    • collations
    • frequencymaps provide binned CNV frequency values for samples belonging to a given collation code
  • I/O & transformations for bycon generated files


byconaut depends on the bycon package which can be downloaded from its repository. Please see the repository and the corresponding documentation site.

While there is also a pip installation possible over pip3 install bycon this will not include the local configuration files necessary e.g. for processing the databases.

Database setup

Option A: examplez from

  1. download
  2. unpack somewhere & restore with (your paths etc.):
    mongosh examplez --eval 'db.dropDatabase()'
    mongorestore --db $database .../mongodump/examplez/
  3. proceed w/ step 4 ... below

Option B: Create your own databases

  1. Create database and variants collection
  2. update the local bycon installation for your database information andlocal parameters
    • database name(s)
    • filter_definitions for parameter mapping
  3. Create metadata collections - analyses, biosamples and individuals
  4. Create statusmaps and CNV statistics for the analyses collection
    • only relevant for CNV database use cases
  5. Create the collations collection which uses filter_definitions and the corresponding values to aggregate information for query matching, term expansion ...
  6. Create frequencymaps for binned CNV data
    • relies on existence of statusmaps in analyses and collations
    • only needed for CNV data

Data maintenance scripts

Please see the helper apps documentation.